Broadcast-quality material for film, TV, radio or interactive media. Most recently I have produced original music for a BAFTA-Winning BBC documentary and my compositions have featured on Channel4, ITV, Sky Sports, Discovery and a host of international broadcasters.

Colin's musical career started at the tender age of 14, when he would engage in such anti-social behaviour as re-programming his elder brother's ZX Spectrum into a primitive sequencer. Such wayward conduct would eventually lead to a degree in fine art and the onset of much more audio-visual mischief. Colin naturally progressed into club décor and visuals, eventually organising his own series of techno nights in the Midlands.

He co-founded Ginglik, west London's premier suburban beat bunker, which became one of the finest alternative venues in the capital. Effortlessly fusing some of the city's premier electronic and underground DJs and musicians with art exhibitions, with a friendly, pretension-free atmosphere; the club was a focal point for artists, musicians and general connoisseurs of cool.

He is now concentrating on his own music career and also heads up Ginglik Productions, creating inspired comedy, music and immersive events. www.ginglik.co.uk