“Sunosis offers beguiling and well-crafted electronica which will have fans of Minotaur Shock and Four Tet beaming with joy.........a warm brand of acid-tinged electronica which makes for a compelling horizontal listening experience.” TUNETRIBE.COM

““A melodic, rich in sound and heavy in bass mini-album. Enjoyable from the first track to the last””  ELECTRONIC DESERT

“A beautiful example of exactly how to do warm, sunny, timeless Electronica ” SMALLFISH

“Depth, beauty and an overriding musicality are the key features here and whilst the tracks are skillfully arranged and produced, they never feel forced or deliberate” SMALLFISH

“A clever blend of crisp and upbeat electronica. One of the best releases of the start of the year” COLD ROOM

“True to its title, Colin Welsh’s Sunosis outing soothes with sunkissed electronic charm. Softly whistling melodies spurred by squelchy beats rooted in funk and hip-hop, Sunosis’ electronic tracks veritably ooze jubilation”” TEXTURA

“Delicate, smooth and proper electronic magic for the ears and heart. ” IGLOO MAGAZINE

“Sunosis displays quite a gorgeous, human side throughout one that is relaxed, thoughtful and kind, with Warmed at no point ever reaching ‘brutal’ status. Lovely, definitely pretty electronica, not too ambient, nor too hype” CYCLIC DEFROST

“Slickly produced and delicately rendered” THE SKINNY

Warmed / Rednetic Records

Fresh like the morning dew. Timeless like rain droplets in the autumnal sunlight.
In these winter months we all need something to Warm us a little, and there's nothing better than crunching, hissing, fragmented beats and layers of slithery, crisp melodies to remind us of the beauty of Autumn and infuse us with the essence of that deep orange sun. This sublimely crafted timeless electronica comes in three packaging options, the basic sleeve like other recent Rednetic releases, a textured card wallet and a handmade canvas wallet for that extra special autumnal experience.

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